About Us

Dental decay is the most common chronic disease of early childhood, five times more common than asthma. The greatest threat to our children is one that is easily prevented.

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We need you to accomplish our goal, as little as 1 day every couple months as your schedule allows or full time. If you don’t fill out an application we can’t get a hold of you.

Online Application

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Services Provided

Kids First Mobile Dentistry provides preventative care to school age students. Our vision is to ensure all students are free from dental pain and discomfort. The following services are provided:

Dental Examination
Dental Cleaning (Prophy’s)
Floride Treatment
Full Digital Panoramic and Bitewing Xray

Treatment is handled on a case by case basis, our dental RV is equipped to handle root canals and tooth extractions down to small services like minor fillings. We work with the school and parents to establish the best treatment for the children.

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